How do I unhide or bring back deleted exercises?

Right now, hiding exercises is essentially the same thing as deleting them so we suggest choosing carefully which ones you would like to get rid of. 

On iOS, if you've performed any of these exercises before, you can bring them back by looking through your History for a workout you performed the exercise in. Then tap the [...] button and choose "Edit Workout". From the Edit Workout screen, tap on the exercise, then tap the Edit link on the upper right corner, then select "Restore Exercise." Obviously, you'd have to have performed the exercise first in order for this to work though!

On iOS and Android, you can also bring back any system exercises that you may have accidentally deleted by simply reinstalling the app. Just be sure to back up your data before you do this. On iOS, go to the History tab and perform a pull-to-refresh gesture by swiping down from the top of the page. On Android, head to Settings and you'll find the Sync button on the upper right corner of the screen.

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