Can you integrate with MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Strava, Garmin, etc.?

At the moment, we're focussed on Apple Health and Google Fit since they have wide adoption and robust integration with other apps/platforms.

Fitbit/Garmin devices: We're unlikely to build an app for these devices. Strong can include any active energy and heart rate data from these devices when it saves your workout to Apple Health.

Fitbit Web API: We're looking into this integration.

Garmin Connect app (iOS/Android): Currently, this app is closed to third-party developers.

MyFitnessPal: MFP has a private API, and we haven't been able to contact them.

Strava: Currently, Strava only allows imports of Workouts with location data. We're looking into whether this is something we want to include in Strong.

If you have any contacts at these companies (or Apple for that matter), please let us know!