Strong for Apple Watch isn't loading

Sometimes Apple Watch can have trouble loading Strong. You may see this loading screen, and then after a few seconds, it will crash to your home screen or the All Apps layout. We're not sure exactly what causes this to happen, but here are some things that may help if you're having this problem:

  • Update to the latest version of watchOS by going to the Watch app on iPhone > My Watch > General > Software Update. Our understanding is that app load times and performance is greatly improved in watchOS 4.1.
  • Try restarting both your Apple Watch and iPhone. The easiest way to do this is to hold down both the Digital Crown and Side Button on your Apple Watch until the Apple logo shows up. On iPhone, hold down the Power Button and Volume Down Button (or Home Button for older models) instead.
  • Add Strong as a complication on any one of your Watch Faces (it doesn't have to be the visible one) or to the Dock if you are using the Favourites setting (Watch app on iPhone > My Watch > Dock). When apps are saved as complications or in the Dock, they're allowed extra time to perform tasks.
  • Keep trying to launch Strong on your Apple Watch. In many cases, the app manages to load after 2-3 attempts.
  • Removing Strong from the Apple Watch and reinstall it by going to the Watch app on iPhone. In My Watch, find Strong, deselect Show App on Apple Watch and then reselect it to reinstall.

Once Strong has loaded completely one time, it loads more reliably in the future.