Save a Workout as a Template / Update a Routine when completing a Workout

The following instructions apply to the iPhone and Android versions of Strong.

To save time when recording workouts, you can save workouts as templates so you can perform them again in the future. 

In Strong, a Workout Template is called a Routine. See this article for more information.

Saving a Workout as a Routine

If you performed a workout from an Empty Workout, after completing the workout, you will be prompted to save a workout as a New Routine.

Simply give the workout a name and it will be saved into your Routine Library to be performed again in the future.

Note: You can also save a workout as a routine from the history screen.

Updating an Existing Template / Routine after a Workout

If you performed a workout from a template, and you make changes to the original routine during a workout, you will be prompted to Update Routine (i.e. to save changes) or to Keep Original Routine - leave the Routine unchanged.

Depending on how you modified the original routine, you will be presented with different options:

  • Update Routine. Replaces the entire routine with the workout just performed. This will be displayed in Red if this is destructive (for example, you removed exercises from the routine)
  • Update Values Only. Updates the routine with the weights and reps that you used for that workout).
  • Update Routine and Values. Replaces the entire routine with the workout just performed, including any changes made to values within sets.
  • Keep Original Routine. Leave the original routine completely unchanged.

If you prefer not to see this prompt at all, you can also hide it via Strong Settings.

We will be making adjustments to the Update Routine process in future versions of Strong to reduce confusion.

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