What's coming for Strong for Apple Watch?

We're working on some major improvements to Strong for Apple Watch as part of a larger update to Strong. The new Apple Watch app is currently in private beta.

Sync Improvements

In order to optimise reliability over previous versions of Strong, we have separated the sync component of Strong for Apple Watch from the iPhone app.

Independent Watch App

The new Apple Watch app will work independently and after account creation, not require the iPhone app at all to run.

iPhone will be required only for cellular access if required. If your Apple Watch has network connectivity, you won't even need iPhone at all.

Full Rebuild and Redesign

Strong's new Apple Watch app is completely rebuilt and redesigned.

Some key improvements include keyboard data entry, inline timer support and the ability to control music/playback directly from the app, as well as better support for Always On Display.

The watch app is currently in private beta for existing Strong users while we improve stability.

Please note that in order to improve performance and reliability, the upcoming version of Strong for Apple Watch will only support watchOS 10 (Apple Watch Series 4 and later).

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