Perform a Workout with Strong for Apple Watch (Overview)

Strong works a little differently on Apple Watch compared to iPhone.

After selecting a Routine (or Empty Workout) to perform, you'll be presented with the Workout Overview screen.

Workout Overview Screen

You can view all exercises and sets on this screen. It works similarly to the Workout screen on iPhone. Tap an individual set to view it on the Set Screen.

Reorder Exercises by hitting the ... button on the top right of this screen. Making a Superset or Replacing an Exercise can be done by hitting the More (...) button on an individual exercise. You will also be able to delete an exercise directly here (including all its sets).

Add an Exercise by scrolling to the bottom of the list and hit Add Exercise. Alternatively, simply Long Press and hit Add Exercise from the Menu.

Set Screen

This screen is where you will spend much of your time during a workout. It allows you to view and edit the values of a set (such as weight and reps), as well as some additional functionality. You can view your heart rate at all times in the header.

Edit Values

Simply tap on a picker and use the Digital Crown to change the values. Alternatively, you can swipe up/down on the individual pickers to change the values directly.

Adding and Deleting Sets

While viewing a set, Long Press to bring up a menu where you can Add a new set or Delete the current set. 

Adding a Set will add it to the end of the list.

Other Actions

You can scroll down on the set screen to change the Type of a Set and its RPE

You can also access information about an exercise, view its history and add notes.

Rest Timer on Apple Watch

Once a timer is active, you can edit the duration of a running timer with the Digital Crown. You can disable the Rest Timer completely from the Settings screen.

Note: You cannot change the unit (e.g. kg vs lbs) during a workout on Apple Watch. If you need to make changes to the unit, please make the change on iPhone and they will apply for your next workout.
Note: You cannot change the duration of all rest timers for an exercise from Apple Watch. However, changes on iPhone will sync to Apple Watch. This will be improved in a future version of Strong

Finish Workout

You can finish a workout in the following ways.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the Workout Overview screen and hit Finish Workout
  2. Long Press on either the Workout Overview Screen or Set Screen to present a menu, where you can Finish Workout.
  3. On the Set Screen for the final set of your workout, you'll see Finish in place of the Next Button.

We have a significant redesign planned for the Apple Watch app and many of these features will be improved or restructured in the future.

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