About Focus Metric

The following instructions apply to the iPhone version of Strong. Focus Metric is not available on Strong for Apple Watch or Strong for Android.

While training, you may want to focus on a particular metric for an exercise to guide your training.

How to set a Focus Metric

Each exercise in Strong can have its own metric. 

Depending on the category of the exercise, you can choose between different metrics and Strong will compare it to the last time you performed that exercise. You can choose from Volume (Total Volume, Volume Increase or Weight/Rep) Reps (Total Reps or Reps/Set); Time (Total Time or Average Time) or Distance (Total Distance).

How does it work?

Setting Total Volume as your Focus Metric, for example, will allow you to compare volume from the last time you performed that exercise based on your total volume today. 

Volume Increase gives you a percentage that compares this workout's volume to the previous workout's volume. So if you performed 1000 lbs of total volume the last workout and only performed 900 lbs today, Focus Metric will read -10%. If you performed a total volume of 1100 lbs, it would display +10% instead.

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