Battery Life Issues

Under general use, Strong should consume a small amount of battery life during a workout. Usually issues go away after a while and may be caused from other background processes such as iCloud backups or photo sync.

Strong for iPhone

If Strong for iPhone is using more battery life than expected, it may be due to a background process on iPhone and not Strong itself. Keeping your iPhone screen active (and/or at a high level of screen brightness) will consume more battery life.

Please also make sure you are on the latest versions of iOS and Strong.

Since it's difficult to track down the exact cause of battery consumption (and it is often not caused by Strong), we're limited in the support we can provide for any battery life issues. 

Please check your iPhone Settings -> Battery -> "Battery Usage By App" to check that a different app is not consuming battery life at the same time.

Strong for Apple Watch and Live Sync

Strong for Apple Watch using Live Sync will usually consume more battery life due to the direct network connectivity and use of Apple Watch's heart rate monitor.

In addition, on Apple Watch in particular, battery life may be consumed for reasons out of our control, such as another app consuming power in the background, poor network connectivity, or iOS/operating system level bugs.

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