What is Strong PRO?

Strong PRO is the ultimate Strong experience. In general, more advanced features are reserved for paid users of Strong.

Features of Strong PRO

Features available on both the free and paid versions of Strong will evolve and improve over time.

With Strong PRO, you'll get:

  • Unlimited Workout Templates
  • Record Body Part Measurements
  • Access to all Charts
  • Plate Calculator
  • Warm Up Calculator
  • Custom Icons (iPhone) and Themes
  • More Future Features

Support Independent Developers

By purchasing Strong PRO, you will also be supporting our independent team in improving the app experience for everyone. 

Developing an app takes a lot of time and effort. We're fully committed to Strong and we appreciate your support 🙏

Please note that your workout data will always be available whether you are a Strong PRO user or not. You will never be "locked out", and you will ALWAYS be able to use the free version of Strong to track your workouts.

You can purchase Strong PRO via In App Purchase on the App Store or Google Play store. Prices may vary between regions.

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