How do I Adjust the Date of a Workout / Log a Past Workout?

The following instructions apply to the iPhone and Android versions of Strong.

While most workouts will typically be performed "Live" or in real time, Strong also allows you to record workouts performed in the past.

Entering a Past Workout

To enter a workout performed in the past, start a workout as normal.

Once the workout has started,

  1. Hit the More (...) Button at the top of the Log Workout screen
  2. Select Adjust Start/End Time
  3. Turn OFF Automatic Timing
  4. Select the Start and End Time of your workout.
  5. Finish the Workout as normal

Modify the Date of a Previous Workout

You can also edit the Date or Start/End Time of a previously performed Workout.

Go to the appropriate workout in History, and tap on the More (...) button, and select Edit Workout.

From there, you can Adjust the Start/End time via the dialog. Note that Automatic Timing is not available as the workout is already completed.

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