How do I perform a workout with Strong?

The following instructions apply to the iPhone and Android versions of Strong. For Strong for Apple Watch, check this article

Strong gives you the full freedom and flexibility to set up your workouts however you like. It's easy to track a workout using Strong. 

Starting a Workout

Starting a workout is super simple. You can choose to either:

  1. Start with an Empty Workout
  2. Use a Workout Template (Routine) to save time

After starting your workout, you will be able to easily add, delete or modify exercises, sets or notes within your workout.

Performing and Modifying a Workout

A Workout consists of a list of Exercises, which you will perform in order.

On the Log Workout screen, you can perform any of the following actions to build your workout and record your training.

  • To add more exercises, just hit the Add Exercises ;button. You can choose exercises from Strong's built in Exercise Library or Create your Own
  • You can Reorder Exercises by Drag and Drop on the exercise name.
  • Each Exercise in your workout will consist of one or more Sets.You can easily Add Sets to an exercise by hitting the "Add Set" button.
  • To delete an unwanted set, just Swipe to Delete it.
  • For each set, enter the data/details of that set, such as the weight and reps performed, and complete it by hitting the checkbox.
  • Between sets, you might also want to also track the time you rested. You can use Strong's built in Rest Timer for this.
  • You can also Add Notes to your workout if you have additional details to record.

Finishing a Workout

You can continue to add additional exercises or sets while the workout is in progress.

Once you have completed all the activity for your day's workout, just hit Finish in the top right to complete your workout.

You can finish your workout at any time (you don't need to complete all the exercises).

Your workout will be safely recorded in Strong and you can refer back to it at a later date via the History screen.

If you expect to perform the same workout again in the future, you can Save it as a Template.

Congratulations - it's that simple!

You've just joined the thousands of people that use Strong to record their training. Keep recording your workouts in Strong, and you'll be able to track and measure your training progress over time.

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