About Workout and Exercise Notes

The following instructions apply primarily to the iPhone and Android versions of Strong.

In Strong, Notes can be used to record additional information that doesn't fall into the existing categories or fields. There's no limit to the length of notes you can add to Strong, so you can also use notes to give yourself detailed instructions or motivational tips.

Workout Notes

Workout Notes are added to the workout as a whole. You can use this to summarise your workout or provide additional context for your future self. For example, you can describe how you are feeling, or any other circumstances such as sickness or sleep that have affected your workout. Workout Notes will display when reviewing a workout on the history screen. 

A workout note in a Template will be duplicated each time you perform that workout.

To add a workout note, simply tap directly into the field at the top of the Log Workout screen.

Exercise Notes

Exercise Notes are notes intended for a particular exercise during a workout (For example, "Left shoulder felt off today, was only able to do 5 reps on the last set"). Exercise Notes will display when you're reviewing workouts on the History screen. 

An Exercise Note in a Template will be duplicated each time you perform that workout.

Add an Exercise Note by hitting the ... button in the top right and select Add a Note.

Pinned Notes

Pinned Notes are notes intended as "stickies" or reminders to yourself (e.g. "use 45 degree incline on the bench..."). A pinned note will be displayed every time you perform an exercise and is there for your reference. A pinned note will not display on the history screen, as it belongs to the Exercise and not the specific workout.

Pin an exercise note by hitting the pin button on the right side of the note. A pinned note will display in yellow in the workout screen. Tap the button again to turn the Pinned Note back into an Exercise Note.

We get a lot of feature requests around notes, and we'll be improving note functionality in future versions of Strong.

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