About Plate Calculator

The following instructions apply to the iPhone and Android versions of Strong.

The Plate Calculator (Strong PRO only) helps you figure out the plates you need to use for a given weight. If you are lifting a significant amount of weight, this is the feature for you!

Activate the Plate Calculator

Access the Plate Calculator by.

  1. Tapping the weight field (kg or lbs), while performing a barbell or machine exercise
  2. Hit the plate calculator button on the right hand side of the keyboard

The plates displayed represent the most efficient plates to place on each side of the barbell. For example, if a 15 kg plate is shown, place one 15 kg plate on the left side, and one 15 kg plate on the right side.

Bar Weight

The plate calculator takes bar weight into account when calculating plates. Barbell exercises default to the Olympic bar (which is 20 kg or 45 lbs).

To change the Bar Type for a particular exercise, you can hit the ... More Menu and change the Bar Type directly.

Plate Calculator is a Strong PRO feature.

There are minor differences in functionality between Android and iPhone versions of the Plate Calculator and we will be working to improve Plate Calculator functionality in a future version of Strong. The Plate Calculator is currently not available on Strong for Apple Watch.

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