About Warm-up Calculator

The following instructions apply to the iPhone and Android versions of Strong.

The Warm-up Calculator allows you to automatically batch add/update the warm-up sets for an exercise.

Warm-up sets are intended to prepare the body for heavier weight loads. They are not counted in metrics or included in your charts. 

The Warm-up Calculator is intended to save you time. You can also manually create warm-up sets by using the Set Tag menu.

To use the Warm-up Calculator, hit the ... More Menu for an exercise and select Add Warm-up Sets. Note: If there are already Warm-up Sets present, this will display as Update Warm-up Sets.

The Warm-up Calculator can be used only for barbell, dumbbell, and machine exercises.

You can customize the formulas used for the Warm-up Calculator via Settings on iPhone and during your workout on Android. 

Warm-Up Calculator is a Strong PRO feature.

There are minor differences in functionality between Android and iPhone versions of the Warm-up Calculator and we will be working to improve Warm-up Calculator functionality in a future version of Strong. The Warm-up Calculator is currently not available on Strong for Apple Watch.

Even without the Warm-up Calculator, you can manually create warm-up sets via the Set Tag menu.

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