About Warm-up, Drop Sets and Failure Sets

The following instructions apply to the iPhone and Android versions of Strong.

Sets in Strong can be (optionally) tagged as Warm-up, Drop Set or Failure via the Set Tag Menu. 

Selecting a Tag

Tap on the Set Number (e.g. 1,2,3) in the "Set" column to bring up this menu. Tag a set by selecting the desired tag. 

To convert a set back to a normal one, you can simply tap the Warm-up, Drop Set or Failure tag once again. If a set is untagged, the Set Number will be shown.

Properties of Set Tags

Warm-up Sets are typically used to record sets that are intended to prepare the body for more heavier weight loads (i.e. the more challenging "Work Sets") as well as to familiarise oneself with the appropriate movements. Please note that Warm-up sets will not be included in charts or metrics. You can also use Strong's Warm-up Calculator to add Warm-up sets in bulk (Strong PRO only).

Drop Sets are considered as a series of sets performed without resting.

Failure Sets allow you to record a set with an additional failed rep. Mark a set as Failure if an additional rep was attempted but not completed successfully. For example, a set with 5 reps marked as Failure would represent a 6th rep attempted but not completed successfully. For a failed 1RM attempt, you could use 0 reps, marked as Failure. You can also use RPE to record your level of exertion for a set.

For Supersets / Exercise Groups, which are not covered via tags, please check the Superset Article.

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