About Supersets / Circuits

A Superset is a way to group exercises and perform them in parallel. You may see this referred to as a Circuit for 3 or more exercises.

For example, instead of Exercise A's sets being performed A1,A2,A3, followed by Exercise B's sets B1,B2,B3, you might want to perform them as A1,B1, followed by A2,B2, then A3,B3.

Why perform a Superset?

There are a variety of reasons to perform exercises as a superset, but usually it is one of the following:

  • Save time - unused muscle groups are able to recover while you perform a different exercise.
  • Work out a muscle group more intensely by overloading it with different exercises
  • Introduce more variation into your workout

Exercises in a Superset will be displayed with a vertical line on the left side to indicate that they are grouped together. 

If exercises are grouped as a Superset or Circuit, if you hit the Next Button to move between sets, the next set from the appropriate exercise will be selected.

Adding Exercises as a Superset

The process of adding supersets is different between platforms.

On iPhone:

  1. Hit Add Exercise and select multiple exercises. 
  2. Hit the Superset button in the upper right corner. 

On Android:

  1. Hit Add Exercise and add the required exercise to your workout.
  2. Once the exercises are added, tap the [...] button on any exercise, then select Create Superset.  
  3. You can then select the exercises you want to group together and tap on the chain icon 🔗 on the top right to link them together. 

We'll be unifying the user experience of Supersets across all platforms in a future update to Strong.

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