About Rest Timer

The following instructions apply to the iPhone and Android versions of Strong. For Strong for Apple Watch, check this article

Use Strong's Rest Timer to monitor your recovery time between sets. Strong gives you full control over the time you rest between sets.

Timers Start Automatically

The default Rest Timer for all exercises is 2:00 and triggers immediately after a set is completed.

While running, the Rest Timer is visible in the top left corner of the workout screen.

You can also manually start the timer by hitting the timer button directly.

Full Screen Mode

While a timer is running, tap the Rest Timer to expand the timer into Full Screen mode. 

From here, you can modify the duration of the timer, or end the current timer immediately by hitting  Skip.

You can also make the timer Full Screen by Default in Strong Settings.

Change the Default Rest Timer for an Exercise

You can change the default timer duration for any exercise via the More (...) Menu. You can set a different duration for Warm-up Sets and Working (Regular) Sets.

In Strong Settings > Rest Timer, you can also change the Timer Sound Effect and other Timer behavior.

We're building more improvements to the Rest Timer in future versions of Strong. Stay tuned!

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