Strong Privacy Policy

Thank you for using Strong. At Strong Fitness PTE Ltd. (" Company", "we", "us", "our"), we are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy.

When you visit our website (the " Website"), use our mobile application (the "App", "Strong") and more generally, use any of our services (the "Services", which include the Website and App), we appreciate that you are trusting us with your personal information. We store our own workout information in Strong, just as you do.

This document outlines our stance on privacy for Strong. We encourage you to read this document carefully.

If there are any conditions that you do not agree with, please discontinue use of the Services.

Data We Collect

Personal Data and your Strong Account

You are required to provide basic personal information such as Name (Optional) and Email Address in order to create a Strong Account.

We encourage you to use your primary email to sign up for Strong to ensure your continued access to your own data.

You can also use a third party login such as Sign in with Apple or Facebook.

If you lose access to your email or third party login, you will lose access to your Strong account. We cannot restore or change email addresses for security reasons.

Your Workout Data

Strong is a workout tracking app and platform. You enter your Workout Data (consisting of training information such as your workout activity data, exercises performed, body measurements etc.) into Strong. We consider this to be your data.

Managing and Exporting Your Data

You can export your Workout Data to a spreadsheet friendly  .csv  format from the iPhone or Android apps.

To export the entirety of your Personal Data (including Settings), please contact us from inside the app.

Analytics to Improve Strong

We use Fathom for tracking website traffic. We use Sentry for bug tracking and debugging.

In both cases, we do not send personal information to these services.


We use Branch for providing deep links in order to share workouts between users. Branch collects device information in order to provide link attribution when a link is clicked.

Branch uses device information only for this purpose. If you have specific queries about Branch, please consult the privacy policy of Branch.

Google Fit

If you enable Google Fit integration, you will be able to read and/or write health and fitness information from your Google Account according to the permissions you provide. Any data received is stored locally on your device and is not uploaded to Strong servers. If you would like to delete this data locally, please sign out of Strong and delete the app.

Strong's use of information received from Google Fit APIs will adhere to the Google Fit Developer and User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Health Connect

If you enable Health Connect integration, you will be able to read and/or write health and fitness information from Health Connect according to the permissions you provide. Any data received is stored locally on your device and is not uploaded to Strong servers.

For more information, please visit Health Connect (Google Link).

Strong's use of information received from Health Connect will adhere to the Health Connect Permissions Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Customer Support

If you message or contact us for support purposes, you may communicate personally identifiable information to us (such as your email address and debug information) in the process.

We retain support emails in order to improve customer service.

Data Processing


We store user information on servers located in the United States and other countries. This means that information may be processed, stored, and used outside of the country in which you are located.

If you provide Personal Data through the Services, you acknowledge and agree that such Personal Data may be transferred from your current location to servers in other locations.

Personal Data will be deleted when you close your Strong account.

Data Retention

We retain your data indefinitely in order to provide the Services. However, you can request deletion of your data at any time by contacting us through the app.


Strong does not knowingly collect Personal Data from children under the age of 13 and do not target our services to children under 13. If you are under 13, please do not submit any Personal Data through the Services.

We encourage parents and legal guardians to monitor their children’s Internet usage and to help enforce our Privacy Policy by instructing their children to never provide Personal Data through any of our Services. If you have reason to believe that a child under the age of 13 has provided Personal Data to us, please contact us, and we will discontinue the provision of services accordingly.

Closing Your Account

You can close your Strong Account at any time. To close your Strong Account, please contact us from inside the app.

Changes to this Policy

This policy replaces all previous policies. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.

Last Updated: January 12, 2024

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