What is Strong?

Strong is the most intuitive and convenient way to track your gym and weightlifting workouts and measure your progress. 

It's a place for everyone to record their entire workout history, safely in the cloud.

Strong is built for everyone, including you.

We've designed Strong to be as flexible and as simple as possible, while including a full range of features, such as Charts, Body Measurements and Integrations with other services.

We've made an app that stays out of your way, doesn't set unrealistic or unreasonable expectations, doesn't throw the latest "quick fix" or pointless fad at you, or give you things you don't need. 

And no ads, ever.

The simplest, most functional tracking experience.

We offer apps for iPhone (including Apple Watch) and Android

We're committed to providing the simplest and most functional experience possible. Our record speaks for itself, with thousands of reviews (4.8+ ★ averages) across both iOS and Android apps. 

In any case, don't just take our word for it, the app is free to download and experience for yourself.

You can use Strong to train any way you like.

We'll be here for you, whether you're training for the latest powerlifting meet, starting your first foray into the gym, embarking on an epic weight loss journey, or even hitting a world record.

And if you're not training, your data is completely safe. It's easy to export or share your data at any time.

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