Why do I need a Strong account?

⚠️  Important: For iOS users, if you see a Sign Up button on the top right corner of your Profile tab, it means you haven't signed up for a Strong account and your workout data is not yet synced to our cloud server. Please don't delete or re-install the app to avoid losing your workout data.

You can easily sign up for an account by tapping the button. Your data will automatically transfer to your account.

All users will be prompted to sign up for an account before using Strong. Here's why you need to sign up for an account:

Access your Workouts from any device

A Strong Account allows us to keep your workout information safe in the cloud so you can access your workouts from multiple devices.  Strong Cloud keeps your workouts automatically synced between devices (for example, between iPhone and Android phones). 

If you change devices in the future, your workouts will be right there!

Share Workouts and Templates with others

You need to create a Strong Account in order to share your workouts or templates with others. 

Your workout data is completely private and under your control (unless you explicitly choose to share it).

How can I sign up for a Strong account?

On the login screen, you can create a Strong account via email, via Facebook or via Sign in With Apple.

Please note that you should only use one Strong account at a time in order to keep your workout history consistent. If you use multiple sign in methods, you may end up with multiple accounts. We are not able to merge or combine data between accounts.

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