Create a Strong account with Sign in with Apple

Sign in with Apple is NOT currently supported on the current app on Android. 

If you expect to use an Android device in the near future, please sign up via email instead.

If you have an existing Sign in with Apple based account and have just moved to Android, please contact us and we will get you access to Strong 6.0 beta, which will support Sign in with Apple on Android.

Strong offers Sign in with Apple for a smoother sign up experience for new users. (We also support Facebook login on both iPhone and Android)

Create an Account with Sign in with Apple

Just hit the Sign in with Apple button on the above screen.

If you are returning as an existing user of Strong, please use your existing Strong account.

If you originally signed up for Strong using an email address, you cannot log into that account using Sign in with Apple. Instead, use the "Log In" button on the above screen.

If you have an existing Strong account and instead continue with Sign in with Apple (or Facebook login), you will end up with two Strong accounts. Don't do this!

We recommend you do not hide your email address when using Sign in with Apple.

This will increase the chance of you losing access to your account if you are using multiple devices (e.g. using an Android device) in the future, as well as it making it more challenging to troubleshoot if you have a problem.

If your Apple ID is connected to an unused email address, we recommend you sign up for Strong via email instead. Strong users with Sign in with Apple cannot edit username or email for technical reasons.

If you use multiple Apple IDs (or you have multiple iPhones, e.g. a work and personal device, with different account management), we recommend using email to sign up for Strong to minimise confusion and the chance of losing access to your account. Using multiple Apple IDs may also affect your ability to access your Strong PRO subscription.

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