Help! I can't get into my Strong account (Troubleshooting)

If you can't get into your Strong account, there are a few potential causes for this,

Did you use the correct account login/method?

It's common to forget which email or account creation process you used when originally signing up for Strong. (This is why we recommend using your primary email address at all times).

Please note that your Strong Account email address may not be the same as your Apple ID or Google Play email address (used for making payments).

For security reasons, we are unable to change account emails, nor are we able to look up emails, so we strongly recommend using your best email address for Strong.

The "Reset Password" link doesn't work

If you're locked out of your Strong account, please try the Reset Password link. 

Please make absolutely sure that you have entered your email address correctly, with no typos, with correct capitalization and punctuation.

If you are still not receiving a reset password link, you may have used a different email address to originally sign up with Strong. Please check your records appropriately.

If you can log in but do not see any data, you may have two accounts.

It's possible that when you tried to log in, you instead created a new account

This is common if you originally signed up using a 3rd party login (Facebook or Sign in with Apple) or used a different email address previously.

The email you used to sign up for Strong may be different from the email address of your Apple ID or Google Play. Please check your records to see if this applies to you, or check the link above.

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