Lost Data - Where did my workouts go?

If you've just logged back into Strong and cannot see any workouts or data, the most likely reason is that you have accidentally created a new account instead of logging into your existing Strong Account.

This is most likely to happen for three main reasons:

  1. You used a third party account login such as Facebook, Google or Sign in with Apple to create your original Strong Account, and now you are using a different login method (such as email or one of the other 3rd party services)
  2. You originally created a Strong Account via email, and this time you are using a third party account login.
  3. You used a different email address from the one you originally used to sign up for Strong (please use your 'best' email address).

In general, please note that the email used for your Strong Account may not be the same as the email address you use for Facebook, Google or your Sign in with Apple/Apple ID. 

Even if you originally used an email address to sign up for Strong, this email address can also be different from the email used for payment processing (i.e. Google Play or your Apple ID).

It is also possible (although unlikely) that you have multiple Facebook, Google or Apple IDs and are using a different account from the one used originally. 

Note that we do not have information or visibility into the accounts you use, and will not be able to query this on your behalf.

Please view this article for other account login issues.

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