What's the best way to train with Strong?

We believe that the best way to train is the way that is most sustainable for you over the long term.

Strong is Versatile

In making Strong, we wanted to make a platform that supports the variety and diversity of different training programs – and people. In fact, we collected a variety of stories here. Strong users literally come in all shapes and sizes.

The ideal training program is most likely dependent on your specific goals and lifestyle. We're here to support you in your training and you are always in control!

Track your Progress

Strong allows you to measure your progress in multiple ways. You can track your workout consistency over time using the Workouts per Week widget. 

If you lift more than you did in your previous session, you're getting stronger. You can also track your body measurements (including bodyfat %) or take progress photos to see how your physical appearance is changing.

Get some help

Strong includes over 200 built in exercises (and you can create your own), complete with instructions and video illustrations. We've also included some templates inside the app to help you get started.

Strong is used by hundreds of Personal Trainers around the world. If you are just getting started, we recommend finding a trainer or a trusted friend.

There's a lot of resources available across the Internet. We're fans of Jeff Nippard's content.

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