How can I write a helpful bug report?

If you have account/workout sync problems, do not delete Strong or log out of your account or you risk data loss. Instead contact us.

Thanks for helping us improve Strong! 

Before sending a bug report, please note the following guidelines, which will help us out significantly!

Please send bug reports via the app

There is some additional debug information such as your device and account info that can help us respond to your request more effectively.

Please update to the latest version of Strong and your Device OS

Please ensure you are on the latest version of Strong, and the latest operating system available on your device (Android, iOS, watchOS) before sending a bug report.

If the app is crashing or there is general instability, please also restart your devices and/or Strong before trying to reproduce a bug.

Please attempt to reproduce the bug before contacting us

If you noticed a bug while using the app, try restarting your devices and to reproduce the bug consistently first. 

This helps save time for everyone. If we are unable to reproduce the bug, it is difficult to fix or even reply to messages.

Provide Step by Step Instructions if appropriate

If you can reproduce the bug consistently, please include as much information as possible when contacting us.

  1. Clear Steps to Reproduce
  2. Information on what you expected to happen and what actually happened
  3. Anything else that may help us to debug, such as any special device configurations (e.g. VPN)

Provide Screenshots or Video if appropriate

A video recording (or screenshots) of you producing the bug goes a long way. Screenshots help a lot for small issues. If issues are purely cosmetic, we may or may not be able to fix them quickly, but we do appreciate your help.

For more complicated bugs, please use video recordings, as it can be hard to understand instructions.

  • For iPhone, follow Apple's instructions on how to make a screen recording.
  • For Android, you can download a free app such as Mobizen if your phone doesn't have a built-in screen recorder.

Please be patient ❤️

We appreciate your help! Please note that we have limited bandwidth and we deal with bug reports alongside product development and many other issues. 

For this reason, we may not be able to prioritise a bug fix, especially if it is a minor or visual bug.

Bugs on Apple Watch

For bugs relating to Strong for Apple Watch in particular, please follow the steps in these articles first: 

If you continue to experience problems on these two issues, please note we are aware of these bugs, and we are already working on long term solutions.

How to contact us

  • For iPhone / Apple Watch: Settings > Help and Support > Bug Report > submit request via email.
  • For Android: Settings > Bug Report > submit request via email
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