Set up Strong for Apple Watch / Pairing Issues

To set up Strong for Apple Watch, you'll need to sync your workouts and templates over from the iPhone app.

  • Go to (Strong) Settings > Apple Watch and wait for your existing workouts to transfer over.
  • Once you have set up your workouts, turn on Live Sync if you want to track a workout on both iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time.

If Initial Set Up is taking much longer than expected... 

In some cases, the Apple Watch app can take a long time to set up and you may be stuck on the "Setting up Strong for Apple Watch" screen.

The initial setup for Apple Watch can take longer, especially if you have a lot of workouts stored. However, it should not take longer than a minute, and if you are seeing the screen for a long time, something has likely affected the connection. In these cases, try restarting both your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Set up issues are often caused by the database file being blocked from being sent in some way. Since there is no way to explicitly clear the network connection other than restarting the watch, usually restarting your phone and watch will work.

If you continue to have issues, please try ALL of the following steps

  1. Please check that you are in a location with BOTH high quality wifi and cellular connection. If you have poor quality WiFi with multiple connected devices (e.g. if your home or gym has a lot of network capable devices), this is likely to interrupt phone to watch communication during the set up process and you might consider turning OFF WiFi instead.
  2. Please make sure you are on the latest versions of iOS, watchOS AND Strong. Apple's watch frameworks are likely to be more compatible when iOS and watchOS versions are from the same release 'family'. (We cannot guarantee support for beta versions of iOS and watchOS)
  3. Force Sync Strong for iPhone. You can do this by performing a "pull down to refresh" gesture on the history screen (on iPhone) and then try pairing again.
  4. Restart BOTH Apple Watch and iPhone. This will clear any data stuck in the communication channel between the devices.
  5. Delete Strong for Apple Watch and reinstall the app. Do not uninstall Strong for iPhone.
  6. Please keep the watch screen 'active' during sync. Don't let the watch app screen turn off the entire time.
  7. Cancel and attempt to sync multiple times. Wait up to a maximum of 10-15 seconds each time.

Usually a combination of the above steps will work, but unfortunately it is hard to be sure of any single step guaranteeing success.

If you are still having trouble, please also check the Sync Troubleshooting Article for additional guidance. Unfortunately, if you continue to experience issues, we are unable to provide more specific guidelines as we have not been able to reproduce this consistently.

But... future improvements are coming! 💪

The good news is that we'll be updating Strong for Apple Watch so that pairing will not be required in the future.

Strong will be able to work either independently or together with the iPhone app. Stay tuned for more goodies!

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