How do I install Strong for Apple Watch?

You can download Strong for Apple Watch directly from the App Store on Apple Watch.

Otherwise, after downloading Strong on iPhone, if Automatic App Install is enabled, Strong will be automatically installed on your Apple Watch.

If Automatic App Install is Disabled

It is possible that Automatic App Install is disabled, which prevents Strong for Apple Watch (and other watch apps) from being installed automatically. (To turn this back on, go to Watch > General > Automatic App Install)

To manually install Strong for Apple Watch, open the "Watch" app on your phone, and under the My Watch tab, scroll down, and Strong will show up under the Available Apps section of the My Watch tab.

The Watch App still won't install

If you go to the "Watch" app on Apple Watch, and after tapping the [INSTALL] button and Strong (or other apps) still won't install, there is possibly a bug on Apple's side. (You will see a spinning wheel).
While restarting your devices may help, the best solution we've found is to go directly to the "App Store" app on Apple Watch, search for Strong and manually install Strong from there.
After installing Strong for Apple Watch, go to [Strong] Settings > Apple Watch to transfer your initial data across to the watch app. Check this article for more information.
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