About Strong for Apple Watch

Strong is available for Apple Watch, allowing you to record and control your workout from your wrist.

If you have a compatible Apple Watch and Automatic App Install is enabled on Apple Watch Settings, Strong should install automatically. Otherwise check this article for help with installing.

Features of Strong for Apple Watch

Not all features of Strong are available on Apple Watch. We expect users to use both the Apple Watch and iPhone Apps depending on their requirements. We'll be continually working to improve Strong for Apple Watch to bring more of the features across from iPhone. 

Strong for Apple Watch allows you to focus on a single set or timer at a time. The majority of the features you use in Strong, such as Warm-up Sets, Timers and editing weight and rep information for an exercise are also available on Apple Watch. During a workout, you can also track your heart rate and calorie information. 

For a general overview of performing a workout on Strong for Apple Watch, please check this article

Live Sync

With Live Sync enabled, you can track the same workout with both the Apple Watch and iPhone apps at the same time. Changes to your workout will reflect on the other device.

Strong for Apple Watch also supports Continuity and Handoff - if you have already started running a workout, you will be prompted to start it on the other device.

Which Apple Watches are supported?

Strong for Apple Watch is supported on Apple Watch Series 1,2,3,4,5,6 and SE, running watchOS 6 or later

Please note that we will support only watchOS 7 (or later) in a future update to Strong. As a result, Apple Watch Series 0, 1 and 2 will no longer be supported. This is in order to improve stability (particularly sync) and streamline development and performance for the majority of users.

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