How do I sync with Apple Health?

Strong fully syncs with Apple Health to share data with other apps.

Why sync with Apple Health?

  • Get Nutrition information into and out of Strong
  • Track your bodyweight and body fat % inside of Strong
  • View Workouts outside of Strong (including Activity Rings if using Apple Watch)

Enable Apple Health in Strong

If you have widgets on your Profile page, there will be a button you can tap that says "Enable Apple Health".

You will be prompted to provide Apple Health permissions from the pop up screen. We highly recommend providing full access to all permissions to ensure smooth operation of services, especially if you are using Apple Watch.

Alternatively, sync with Apple Health via Profile > Settings > App Integrations > Apple Health > then tapping "Connect."

Enable System Level Apple Health Permissions

In addition to the above setting, you should also ensure that full access permissions are given to Strong. If you already granted full permissions via the pop up, you shouldn't need to do this.

If you missed the initial pop up, you can reach this screen via Health App -> Sharing -> Apps -> Strong.

Note: Setting Workouts access to ON will also improve performance of Strong for Apple Watch, so please leave this enabled.

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