About Profile Widgets

The following instructions apply to the iPhone and Android versions of Strong.

Strong's profile screen allows you to build a dashboard of metrics and widgets that are relevant to you and your training.

Add and Remove Widgets

Add a Widget by hitting the "+ Widget" button in the top right of the dashboard, and select from the list of available widgets.

Reorder Widgets by long tapping on a widget and dragging it around.

Remove a Widget by hitting the More (...) button in the top right of the widget and hit Remove.

Workouts Per Week

This allows you to view your workout consistency over time. You can also adjust the target workouts that you want to achieve each week by hitting the Goal (🎯) button.

On iPhone, you can also set the Workouts per Week Widget as a home screen widget! Follow Apple's instructions here and search for Strong in the widget list.

Calories This Week / Daily Macros

You can track total calories achieved each day against a goal. Track your Calorie input directly via the Measurements Screen ( Caloric Intake), or via Apple Health or Google Fit integration.

You can track individual macro nutrients (Protein, Fat, Carbs) and set goals for each individually.

Exercise and Measurement Charts

You can also add any individual Exercise chart or Measurement as a widget directly on your profile screen to track your progress in your most important exercises.

For exercises, you can also hit More (...) from the Exercise Detail screen and hit "+ Add to Profile".

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