How do I use the plate calculator?

The plate calculator feature was created to easily help you figure out the plates you need to use for a given weight. It is located on the right hand side of the keyboard when you tap on the weight field while performing a barbell or machine exercise (see images below). 

The plates shown on the plate calculator are the plates you're meant to put on each side of the barbell. For instance, if it's showing a 15 kg plate, that means you put one 15 kg plate on the left side, and then another 15 kg plate on the right side. Please note that the  plate calculator  takes bar weight into account. Strong doesn't manually add the weight of the bar for you, and only uses whatever weights you write down to calculate volume and 1RMs. 

Our recommendation is to take the weight of the bar into account when logging — so if you're using a 20 kg bar and a 20 kg plate on each side, you would then log that as 60 kg into the app. Barbell exercises default to the Olympic bar (which is 20 kg).

In regards to customization, we understand the importance of this and are working on bringing more features to the plate calculator in the near future. 

To display the plate calculator on iOS (on Android it is to the right of the 3):

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