Strong for Apple Watch is creating Duplicate Workouts

Duplicate Workouts on Apple Watch are unfortunate and may be caused by a combination of reasons, making it extremely challenging to track down the root cause. We're working on this.

Unfortunately this is complicated, and is not possible to track it down to a single isolating factor.

Essentially they are caused due to the connection between Apple Watch and iPhone being disrupted in some way. Unfortunately, Strong competes with other apps for system resources and bandwidth for the connection between Apple Watch and iPhone. Mistakenly informed that the connection was lost or compromised, Strong retains the workout on iPhone to preserve your data.

Since the iPhone and Apple Watch connection is not controlled directly by the app and instead via standard Apple Watch connectivity protocols (and mainly in the background), the exact conditions of the connection state during a workout are very difficult to replicate in general testing.

As a general guideline, please Finish your Workout on Apple Watch. This will bring the app into the foreground, allocating as many system resources to the Apple Watch to keep the connection active.

  • If your workout location/gym's WiFi connection is compromised or poor in any way, this is very likely to affect things.
  • If your workout contains a large amount of "data" (this is more likely to compose of Heart Rate data as opposed to e.g. weight and reps logged, although the overall complexity and length of your workout may be a factor), this tends to increase the likelihood of an issue.
  • If you are using an older Apple Watch model, this may also increase the likelihood of an issue (but not necessarily.)
  • Do not engage in heavy multitasking on Apple Watch, especially towards the end of your workout as other apps may initialise background processes. (This is also not recommended in general for stability reasons)
  • The probability of issues may correlate with the overall number of workouts you have stored in your account/Strong Cloud. (IF this is a larger contributing factor, we will be able to directly address this in future Strong updates).

Please also ensure that you've followed the general guidelines for Strong for Apple Watch.

If you continue to consistently get unwanted duplicate workouts on Strong for Apple Watch and deleting the duplicate workouts is not a viable workaround for you, we recommend using the iPhone app only. 

We're currently limited in the customer support we can provide for this issue. Providing bug reports will not necessarily help in these particular case, due to inability to reproduce these issues consistently. All relevant information we have relating to this is included in this document and we will not be able to provide much in the way of additional information that will be helpful to you.

We are working towards a larger rebuild of the underlying architecture and sync solutions, and this will mitigate this issue in the medium term. 

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