What is a Routine / Template and how do I use them?

A Routine (or Workout Template) is a way to save time when performing the same workout again and again. Strong includes some default templates as examples to refer to. But it's more fun to create your own.

Create a New Routine from Scratch

You can create a routine directly from the Start Workout tab in the following ways:

  1. Hit the "+ Routine" button 
  2. Tap the More (...) button next to a folder name and create a routine directly inside one of your folders.

After creating a routine, add exercises and sets to the routine in the same way as you would for a workout. Once you have finished modifying your Routine, hit Save to add it to your Routine Library.

However, a routine is different from a workout in that sets cannot be completed. It's just a template. For the same reason, the Rest Timer is not available when modifying a Routine.

You can create up to 3 Routines/Templates with the free version of Strong. For Unlimited Routines, upgrade to Strong PRO.

Save a Workout as a Routine

Another way to create a routine is to simply make one out of an existing workout that you have performed previously.

  1. Go to the History tab and find the Workout you'd like to make into a Routine
  2. Tap the More (...) button and select + Save as Routine. (On Android, you need to tap on the workout itself first)
  3. Name the Routine and hit Save

Alternatively, if you complete a workout from scratch, you'll be prompted to Save as Routine at the end of the workout. For more information, check this article.

There will be more improvements coming to Routines/Templates in a future version of Strong.

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