How do notes work?

There are two types of notes in Strong:

  1. Exercise notes (white background)

Exercise notes are meant to be used as notes for that exercise during that particular workout (i.e. "left shoulder felt off today, was only able to do 5 reps on the last set"). They're meant to be used while you're on the workout screen and show up when you're reviewing workouts on the History page. If you add exercise notes on either the "Edit Routine" or "Create Routine" screen, they won't show up anywhere during your workout.

  1. Pinned notes (yellow background)

Pinned notes are meant to be used as "stickies" - reminders to yourself while performing the exercise in the future (i.e. "use 45 degree incline on the bench..."). To turn an exercise note into a pinned note, just tap the pin icon to turn the background yellow.

Right now, we do not have routine specific notes, but it is on our radar! 

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